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You will have lots of fun in our place

“The guests look for a change. Offering indoor and outdoor activities help hotels retain their guests" Raj Resort is working in this theory and offering their customers all the activities in its property. We have in house activities garden view, yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like rafting, trekking.

bone fire activity

Bonefire fun

If you’ve been dreaming of bonfire night, just imagine the ecstasy of sitting at the outside the cottage rooms or in front the restaurant area with all other guests in a group here and then have a enjoy of thrill, happiness, and joy; waking up with the rosiness of nature.

Raj Resort is really an exciting place for a bone fire to the travelers along with their friends and realizes the happiness of family bonds.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Our onsite restaurant is a cozy place to enjoy breakfast with a view of the mountains, a relaxed lunch with friends, or dinner by candlelight. Offering a range of delicious, freshly prepared dishes, ranging from Indian classics to healthy yogic meals and many of your favorite western cuisines.

Our restaurant is famous for multi-cuisine food for family and friends or in a separate bamboo hut set up for a couple, and private family. You will have to inform the hotel reception or the restaurant manager.

badminton sports activity raj resort

Badminton Game fun

Our badminton court is designed as per international standards and available for our respected guests to use it at any time of the day.

Badminton is a game that is family-friendly and if you are at Raj Resort with your kids this is the one place that will keep them entertained. One hour-long session is enough for one to spend in the badminton court and get himself fit for the day. Heat is one of the biggest issues you would have had because you have to play outside.

mountain treaking activity

Mountain tracking

Trekking in Rishikesh is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the enthusiastic trekkers. With few roads, many hills, and mountains in every corner there are infinite ways to enjoy nature. We use Neer Waterfalls trek, Kunjapuri track.

Being a family-run resort we assure you to feel confident as we offer you the best trekking experience beyond your expectations. Raj Resort provides the safe and easy few hours of local mountain tracks to their guest so that you can have a wonderful experience altogether.

hammack and swings

Family Fun with Hammack/ Swings

Looking forward to having fun while keeping a modest spend, this budget resort is the perfect place. I loved the fact that it is situated in the prime location in Rishikesh, yet still very private and quiet. Amazing location and earn value for your money.

We have 2,000 m² of indoor play areas and 4,000 m² of outdoor play areas in our resort. You can either plan a day outing or a weekend trip with family and kids to enjoy the multitude of entertainment options like bone-fire, badminton court, or playing indoor/outdoor games.

pre wedding shoot raj resort


Imagine a picturesque pre-wedding /wedding on the warm, & nature surrounding in Raj resort Rishikesh. With stunning garden views, a full friendly staff, and customizable ceremony.

We offer an optimal destination for wedding and all-inclusive Rishikesh destination pre-wedding packages & make your big day more sophisticated and unforgettable at Raj Resort. Please send your request for a pre-wedding/ wedding plan as earlier.

organic garden raj resort

Organic Garden

For the love of feeding their in-house guests with vital vegetables like chilies, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, Raj Resort, Rishikesh captures the heart of the guests by bringing them closer to nature.

We reserved a big area for the organic garden where we care for the plant and get vegetables/fruits, in turn, to keep us healthy. We grow about vegetables, herbs, ayurvedic medical plants, and fruits! In the whole year, we grow all seasonal plants and vegetables, fruits, and flowers.